Air & Space Evidence

The World’s First Space Detective Agency


What drives our clients?

Our clients are usually driven by one or more of the following requirements:

  • The successful incorporation of Earth observation into a regulatory programme.
  • Analysis of how effective an existing Earth observation programme has been and how to improve it.
  • Undertaking Earth observation data policy impact assessments. 

How we can help our clients?

Whilst we are normally commissioned to work on one, or more, of the common themes above, there is no ‘typical’ project and clients have engaged us on a variety of original projects involving cutting-edge issues and concerns.

How we provide advice and data

We operate a worldwide service. We appreciate that you might be busy, subject to strict timings, or even in another hemisphere. Communications with us can be flexible and we are happy to consider telephone consultations, online interactions(email, Skype), and even good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings.

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