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We are witnessing a growing number of regulatory applications for Earth observation data being developed domestically and internationally. Recent examples include the following:

  • Agricultural subsidy monitoring in Europe and the U.S.
  • Water extraction in Spain
  • Vegetation clearing in Australia
  • Illegal logging in Brazil

Start-up Regulatory Programmes

We can provide professional advice as to the start-up of Earth observation monitoring into regulatory programmes. This will include advice as to whether at an operational level certain Earth observation technologies are going to be compatible with the evidential requirements needed in the regulatory programme, and whether they fit in with departmental budgets.

Existing Regulatory Programmes

We can also examine existing regulatory programmes where Earth observation is already used and offer suggestions for improvement.

Areas where we might be in a position to assist include:

  • Sourcing and negotiating the purchase of imagery
  • Improving detection results
  • Financial savings when compared with other investigations
  • Improving stakeholders perceptions
  • Analysis as to opinions of regulated groups
  • Advice on potential impacts on compliance behaviour
  • Advice on possible efficiency and regulatory gains
  • Development of compliance plans
  • Staffing resources and training
  • Compliance indicators
  • Design of regulatory structures to get the best out of an Earth observation monitoring programme



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