Air & Space Evidence

The World’s First Space Detective Agency

We are unquestionably commercially unique in both the UK and internationally in a number of important respects:

1. No other consultancy offers such a range of expertise in sourcing Earth observation data from such a wide range of technologies (including satellites, unmanned aerial systems and aerial photography).

2. Unusually, we bring unrivalled interdisciplinary expertise in both Earth observation technologies, and the law. We have decades of experience working in academia, industry and legal practice. And we also have long-standing specialisms in certain areas such as environmental and planning law, so we can understand clients’ needs.

3. No other consultancy offers the high-quality holistic approach that we do. We can source imagery and interpret its findings, but we can also offer advice on data policy issues; the management, control and authentication of imagery to be used as evidence (including appearing as expert witnesses in court); the assessment of the correct technical procedures to apply to Earth observation data; implications of privacy legislation, search warrants and compatibility with legislation such as the Regulatory Investigatory Powers Act; and the implications of implementing Earth observation monitoring into regulatory, policy or industry programmes.

4. We have extensive contacts (both nationally and internationally) at the cutting edge of using these technologies and in law enforcement agencies, space agencies, regulators, practitioners, space companies and scientific researchers.

5. We are accustomed to working on unique and sensitive assignments and responding to original questions, for clients in both public and private sectors.

6. We believe passionately in offering clear, honest advice and providing quality work that can both provide information and solve problems for clients.


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