Air & Space Evidence

The World's First Space Detective Agency

We help clients use photographic, Earth observation and radar based imagery from satellites, drones and aircraft as evidence.

We help individuals, companies and governments with image sourcing and analysis, we advise on the use of satellite imagery to resolve disputes and legal issues and we provide expert witness testimony.

We work closely with governments on earth observation policy issues and tackling environmental problems. We're currently working on Waste from Space - detecting illegal landfill sites using satellite technology

Investigations - Property Intelligence - Research

Air and Space Evidence was founded in the UK in 2014. It is run by highly experienced consultants with a wealth of academic, business, and military intelligence knowledge and connections in the legal, security and technical fields of Earth observation monitoring. We are known as the World's first "Space Detective Agency".

Why we were established and what makes us unique.

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Waste From Space

We're currently helping governments tackle the €72 billion problem of illegal waste by developing new techniques to identify illegal landfill sites. This project is supported by ODINE, the EU's incubator for technology startups working with open data and the European Space Agency

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