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Property Intelligence

What drives our clients?

  • The need to de-risk in property investment by having a much clearer picture of what had historically taken place on any land of interest in the past.
  • To opportunity to examine personally images showing the condition of land and property in near real time before purchasing it, without the expense of having to travel overseas to view it.
  • To ability to safeguard against future legal disputes by protecting investments in land and property from the date of purchase.
  • The need to keep check of a property portfolio and to receive timely reports about the condition of land and properties, and whether there has been any changes to these, to ensure their investment is protected.

 How we can help our clients?

We can contribute to due diligence processes by sourcing and analysing archived satellite images, to provide a much clearer picture of what had historically taken place on any land of interest, allowing the client to make informed decisions affecting property investment. We can provide clients with analysis from satellite images that can help them de-risk, potentially revealing such questions as historical crop yields, identification of any illegal dumping of waste, or tendency for flooding on that land.

We can provide clients with satellite imagery and reliable analysis at short notice to support their important international real estate decisions. We can investigate whether there is recent archived imagery, or task a satellite image to take a picture, that can show whether land corresponds to the sales description (and whether an agencies sales photographs might not be representative of the whole land). This service can especially be useful when access, or distance is an issue and allow the client to make decisions quickly, without them having to travel to a site to acquire the same information. 

We can assist clients in protecting investments in land and property (including homes they will live in) by tasking a satellite image close to the day of purchase so there is a permanent record of what the property, land and its boundaries looked like in case of future legal disputes, such as incursions on land, squatting, or insurance disputes. If any dispute arises the client has a baseline imagery showing what the land looked like when they purchased it.

We can help ensure that property assets are financially safe and well-managed by providing transparent information about what is really going on with the client’s property. This is done by periodically monitoring it by satellite and comparing the resulting images with older imagery to detect any changes to the land or property, with a view to providing information that can be used in the management of the property or to protect legal interests. This could also encompass a discrete examination of what is taking place in direct adjacent landholding which could have an impact on the property’s value, or use and enjoyment of land. We inform clients if any changes are detected that might affect their investment, or use and enjoyment of land, and they can take legal steps to protect their interests.

How we provide advice and data

We operate a worldwide service. We appreciate that you might be busy, subject to strict timings, or even in another hemisphere. Communications with us can be flexible and we are happy to consider telephone consultations, online interactions(email, Skype), and even good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings.

All Earth observation data can be supplied in both CD and photographic format and in cases where digital data is needed urgently this can be accessed from an online drop-box. Other written reports can be sent via email and post.

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