Air & Space Evidence

The World's First Space Detective Agency

We help clients use photographic, Earth observation and radar based imagery from satellites, drones and aircraft as evidence.

We help individuals, companies and governments with image sourcing and analysis, we advise on the use of satellite imagery to resolve disputes and legal issues and we provide expert witness testimony.

We work closely with governments on earth observation policy issues and tackling environmental problems. We're currently working on Waste from Space - detecting illegal landfill sites using satellite technology

Investigations - Property Intelligence - Research

The Company has been the subject of stories in: The New Scientist, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5, BBC Radio London, Sky News, The Independent, The Times, WIRED (magazine), Fast Company, New Law Journal, The Daily Mail, Scientific American (magazine), The Sun, Yahoo News, Usbek & Rica (Magazine), The Evening Standard, The International Business Times, i Newspaper, Delhi Daily News, The Herald Sun, RT, The Week, Huffington Post, Metro,, USA News, Gazetta.Ru, Tech Times, Australasian Lawyer, Tech New Tube, Gizmodo, Utah Independent,  ENDS Reports, Toronto Telegraph, Geospatial World, Finance Courier amongst others.

Ray Harris has been interviewed on Earth observation by BBC (United Kingdom) local and national radio, BBC television in the North East of England, BBC Radio 5 Live and The Times newspaper.

Ray Purdy has been interviewed about Earth observation technologies on BBC News, BBC Radio 4, CNN (United States), The Conversation, New Scientist, ABC (Australia) National Radio, ABC South Australia Radio, ABC Queensland Radio, The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph (Australia), Herald Sun (Australia), The Daily Star (Bangladesh) and Via Satellite. He has also been interviewed in relation to other emerging technologies in the New Scientist, Quo, Vice, BBC News, and the Financial Times newspaper.


Our favourite tweets about the company.

Rowan Hooper @rowhoop  This isn't quite Humphrey Bogart on the ISS-type detective, but still v cool: world's first space detective agency

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Chris Brauer @twae World's first space detective agency is nice example of opportunism and entrepreneurship in emerging tech

Chris. J. Newman @ChrisNewman1972 @spacecentre: World's first space detective agency launched ” a brilliant (and lucrative) idea

Paul Marks @PaulMarks12  @GiefScience @newscientist Is 25cm spysat resolution good enough to find who killed Kenny?

Evren Kiefer @evrenk  @newscientist I'd watch that TV show. It'd be like "Lie to me" but with satellite imagery and drones instead of micro-expressions.

Oliver Roll @oliverroll There's actually new job called "space detective." Do they travel in a TARDIS?

serdar sarı @sersardesk  @newscientist Can I request my all medical reuntgen films from sky space agent detective satelites ?

Gief Science @GiefScience  @newscientist Just like the Hardly Boys from south park =)

Marissa VU @Marissavu  My absolute fav story of the month: The world's first space detective agency just launched. …

Jim Cobb @jim_cobb_ut  @MeredithFrost: "World's first space detective agency launched"  ” Implications are staggering.

Spooky Ben Lamb @bennyfactor  Film noir in space? Call Harrison Ford MT @PaulMarks12 They're the 1st space detectives &they don't care who knows it

Alex @bogoyavlenski  I need to invent cloaking.. "@newscientist: The world's first space detective agency launched  "

Andrew Barovick @AndyBarovick Attention lawyers looking to specialize: you could do worse than becoming a “space lawyer." …

Thomas Baekdal @baekdal  <= Sherlock Holmes in Space ;)  World's first space detective agency launched: …

TenFourA @TenFourA  Someone will get RICH …

Anas matthæus @MGhydro  Awesome! RT @newscientist: The world's first space detective agency has just launched 

Space Marine Fenris @fenrislorsrai   space lawyers become space detectives:

Meredith Frost ‏‪@MeredithFrost Dream job: "World's first space detective agency launched" 



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